fashion design faculty jobs in Delhi, job in fashion designing for fresher

Fashion design faculty jobs in Delhi

Fashion design faculty jobs in Delhi

Faculty of Fashion and Design (FFAD) opens a gateway for the students to the Fashion and Design industry world. The Faculty teaches the art of creating and designing new attires, marketing the merchandise, creating a successful brand, and shares in-depth knowledge of the various processes in the fashion & design industry.
FFAD courses follow project-based and practical ways to train the students. The Faculty has an in-house fashion brand where the students showcase their talents and creativity. They are also trained in merchandising, retailing, and entrepreneurship.

Job in fashion designing for fresher 


In addition to classrooms and libraries, laboratories are available to put ideas and ideas into practice. There are various labs in college, each explicitly designed for the fashion industry's needs. The faculty includes patterning and draping labs, dyeing and printing labs, computer-assisted design labs, workshops, construction (apparel) labs, construction (lifestyle products) labs, quality control labs, and fashion. Styling and Photo Lab, Resource Center and Visual Merchandising Lab, Advanced Library, Fashion Illustration Lab and Resource Center and Visual Merchandising Lab. Facultyade students excel in these.

Fashion and  Design graduates and graduates can apply for fashion designers, merchandisers, fashion entrepreneurs, fashion photographers, fashion academics, product managers, CAD designers, contemporary art, fashion journalists, web designers, quality control managers, fashion stylists and more. increase. Faculty of Fashion Design, North Indian Textile Research Association (NITRA), I.D. We offer internships at. International, Ten & Co, Zara, Richa Group, Orient Craft, Kazari Apparels, Amaran.

A good Fashion Designer must be creative and understand current fashion trends to produce items to help their company maintain a competitive edge in the fashion industry. They also need to have strong communication skills, as they will work with a team of Designers and Engineers to produce fashion items throughout the year.A Fashion Designer will work with many teams to plan and produce new fashion items, and they will work with Marketing Specialists to ensure the products are marketed correctly to their target market.

Fashion designers are the creative mind behind original clothing, accessories and shoes. They sketch  designs that can be made into a variety of products, from production to patterns, and give instructions on how to do it.


  • Oversee the research and development of new styles of organization 
  •  Managing the design process from conception  to final styling
  • Conduct market research to identify new trends and fabrics and seek design inspiration
  • Work with team members to select seasonal themes, edit lines and create new concepts 
  •  Make sure your product is in line with your business strategy 
  •  Select fabric and cut 
  •  Create a production sketch of the development package 
  •  Work with the technical designer to verify that the development package is correct.

Fashion Designing Faculty Jobs

Requirements and skills

  • Solid professional experience in a fashion designer or similar position 
  •  Process with confidence in Microsoft Excel and Adobe Illustrator 
  •  Willingness to travel for research and product development 
  •  Ability to create freehand sketches  
  •  Outstanding creative and conceptual skills 
  •  A bachelor's degree in design or art is preferred 
  •  Related training and / or certification as a fashion designer